Rupert Murdoch and Jerry Hall consummate their marriage

Media mogul Rupert Murdoch and former model Jerry Hall are reported to be consummating their marriage at this exact moment according to sources close to the pair. Reports that neither have been seen live on any internet footage for a matter of minutes in the aftermath of their earlier nuptials have led to widespread speculation […]

Murdoch and Hall to have honeymoon in Milton Keynes

Media mogul Rupert Murdoch and actress-model Jerry Hall are to have an extended honeymoon in Milton Keynes following their recently announced wedding, planned for later on in the year. One News Corp insider said “They’ve been to every posh restaurant and stayed in every 6 star hotel on the planet. They shit opulence. I think […]

Sun shocked as charging for boobs and knee-jerk opinions on the internet a failure

Rebekah Brookes, Editor in chief of popular newspaper The Sun, has said that she is ‘mystified’ at the failure of the paper’s online publication, which charged prospective readers £2 a week to look at womens’ breasts on the internet as well as misinformed knee-jerk opinions on current affairs. Ms Brookes who was responding to a […]

Green party kept off TV to save energy

The Green Party are being denied a voice in forthcoming television debates preceding the general election in order to save energy according to the BBC, ITV, Sky and Channel 4. A spokesman for all four channels told us “If we put them on the television, loads of people will watch it which will use more […]