Sun outrage as Corbyn refuses to vote on X Factor

corbyn xfactor

Popular newspaper The Sun has called for newly appointed Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn to be strung up by his curlies following revelations that he will not be voting on, discussing or even watching X Factor.

Today’s edition of the paper said “One minute he’s refusing to doff his cap to the Queen. Now he’s refusing to be side-tracked by lowest common denominator television. It’s disrespectful to the time honoured British institution of brainwashing the masses with half-arsed televised karaoke competitions.”

The Daily Mail have also covered the revelations on their front page with the headline “It’s not normal” whilst the Daily Express broached the matter via an editorial entitled “He needs to be sent back somewhere.”

Even the Daily Telegraph pontificated “Corbyn needs to not only watch it but enjoy every moment of it, gleefully discussing each episode with friends on Facebook and fully buying into the pseudo-emotional rollercoaster of fabricated auditions and contrived life stories.”

Jeremy Corbyn himself has refused to discuss the matter but a spokesman for the Labour Press office said “It’s all been taken out of context. He loves X Factor, The Voice, Big Brother and the ooh look at me I can bake a fucking cake competition. If anything he just thinks they should try doing it without the cameras.”

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