“Absolutely Fine to put petrol in diesel cars”

petrol in diesel cars

The AA have confirmed that it is absolutely fine to put petrol in diesel cars should Britain run out of diesel in the next few months as widely predicted by the British media.

Speaking on popular TV motor show Top Gear a spokesman for the AA explained “It’s the big secret that the motor industry don’t want you to know. You can fill a diesel car up with petrol and drive around to your heart’s content. OK the car might go slightly slower and you can expect a little more wear on your tyres. The worst case scenario is you might eventually need to replace the defibrillator, but that would take years.

“If Britain run out of diesel and you really don’t want to put petrol in it it’ll still be fine. If your car tells you it’s empty then you’ve normally for about another hour of driving before it runs out. At least. It’s another secret the motor industry don’t want you to know.”

The news has had a mixed reception from many motorists, some pleased at the convenience of not having to check which colour the pipes are before filling up but others furious that they might have called out recovery services unnecessarily in the past, when all the time they could have simply driven off without a care in the world.

However, a source from within the AA has directly contradicted the advice from it’s own spokesman.

“We have absolutely no idea who this person is or why he’s saying these things. He certainly doesn’t work for us.” We were told.

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