Chris Packham to reintroduce Gonorroea to its natural habitat


Chris Packham has today applauded moves to release a new strain of Gonorrhoea back into it’s natural habitat, starting with Yorkshire, where in days gone by it was considered as much a part of the region as cloth caps and Eccles cakes.

Speaking from a camouflaged tent in Leeds city centre, along with Bill Oddie and Michaela Strachan, the veteran naturalist gave excited viewers of popular show Autumn Watch a blow by blow account of the exciting moment where it looked like someone who had it was about to pass it on.

“It’s been hunted down to extinction. Now it’s good to see it back to its former glory and roaming ways.” He explained.

However, according to Mr Packham, a return to the good old days where someone in every street had agonising pain urinating and a yellow discharge would only be the start of a new era of man living side by side with previously eradicated sexually transmitted infections.

“I dream of witnessing the clap cheerfully galumphing from one provincial town to the other.” He told us.

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