Chris Packham to reintroduce Gonorroea to its natural habitat

Chris Packham has today applauded moves to release a new strain of Gonorrhoea back into it’s natural habitat, starting with Yorkshire, where in days gone by it was considered as much a part of the region as cloth caps and Eccles cakes. Speaking from a camouflaged tent in Leeds city centre, along with Bill Oddie […]

Thatcher tried to cover up Leeds

Former Conservative Prime Minister and Union botherer Margaret Thatcher tried to cover up the city of Leeds according to explosive new allegations released in the Sunday Mirror today. Mrs Thatcher, who famously said “There’s no such thing as the North of England. Only the South, the Midlands and one or two odd little provinces inhabited […]

George Osborne promises steam engines to the north

A future North of England could see it’s major cities connected by a series of steam trains, running several times a week according to plans announced today by Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne. Speaking at a packed press conference in Manchester, Mr Osborne explained “For a northern economy to thrive, northerners are going to […]

George Osborne parked Land Rover up my arse

Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne has come under fire again this morning having received a complaint from a benefit claimant that the Tory Minister parked his Land Rover firmly in his sphincter. “After being made redundant from a job I’d had for 30 years I had just been to sign on for the first […]