Jeremy Corbyn to stand for Labour leadership

oh jeremy corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn has thrown his hat into the ring in the forthcoming Labour leadership contest in a surprise move that immediately sees him as favourite to win.

This unexpected turn of events sees Mr Corbyn as the bookies’ favourite to win the leadership contest, overtaking the likes of Sir Keir Starmer who it’s thought might win the next General Election and Jess Phillips, the only candidate to have bunked in at Glastonbury.

The shock move may also come as blow to fellow contender Rebecca Long Bailey who lives in the same house as Mr Corbyn, shares similar features and who has mysteriously never been seen in the same place at the same time as the current Labour leader.

However, the news has largely been welcomed on social media with many feeling Mr Corbyn to be the best man for the job.

One Facebook follower wrote “Just because we didn’t get elected it doesn’t mean we should change anything. The public loved our policies, They adored them. And anyone who thinks we should move even slightly towards the centre is clearly prostituting themselves to the Thatcherite trickle down effect dogma and should fuck right off back to the Conservative party.”

“I would rather have a conservative government than a labour government that people would vote for. Because Blairite. And Neo-liberal. And some other words. ” Another added.

A far more reasoned Jeremy Corbyn argued that he could in fact learn and change following his election defeat.

“Losing the election was was nothing to do with people not liking me or disagreeing with my politics. It was Brexit. And after much deliberation I have very nearly decided whether I agree with it or not.” He explained.

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