NRA leader “Stop calling me Shooty McShootface”

NRA leader Wayne LaPierre has appealed to the world to take the NRA seriously again and stop calling him Shooty McShootface.

Britain to trial America’s successful gun laws

Britain is to trial making gun ownership legal following its resounding success in America and the many convincing arguments from republicans that this  freedom to bear arms thing is actually very good idea. Prime Minister David Cameron said “You might think our cousins from over the pond are psychopathic buffoons with their insistence on keeping […]

Clinton to ban guns if elected as president

Former First Lady and now presidential hopeful Hilary Clinton has vowed to outlaw possession of all firearms throughout America, the moment she begins her term as President Speaking to a packed press conference Mrs Clinton said “We have 40 times as many gun deaths per head of population than Britain where it is illegal to […]

Fox Humping to replace Fox Hunting as upper crust find legal loophole

Once again the Christmas season has surprised many who thought the hunting ban would mean an end to Boxing Day and New Years Day hunts. Strangely throughout the country people in red jackets have been spotted in large groups with horses and dogs, seemingly with the intention of hunting a fox. But in fact all […]

National Rifle Association “Everybody must have a pet lion”

The National Rifle Association has surprised critics and some supporters alike today on their announcement that America would be a much safer place if every household kept a pet lion. Wayne LaPierre, chief executive of the NRA told us “Lions don’t kill people. The wrong people left in charge of lions kill people. Well their […]