Clinton to ban guns if elected as president

clinton guns

Former First Lady and now presidential hopeful Hilary Clinton has vowed to outlaw possession of all firearms throughout America, the moment she begins her term as President

Speaking to a packed press conference Mrs Clinton said “We have 40 times as many gun deaths per head of population than Britain where it is illegal to own a gun. So it’s obvious we need to make guns illegal too. Of course it won’t happen overnight. We’ll give everyone a week or so to hand them all over.”

Former Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin described Mrs Clinton’s plans as “inexplicable”.

“Perhaps she thinks America would somehow be a better place with a lower murder rate.” She told us.

However,  executive vice president of the National Rifle Association Wayne LaPierre has surprised supporters by conceding that the legislation may actually be a good idea.

“I’m a big fan of guns, and many critics don’t see the many good things in society that are done with them. But people do also tend to keep shooting each other with them so getting rid of them is probably a good move. But we’re only able to get other people to give up their guns if we can point guns at them. And I’ll only give my guns up if I’m pointing them at me. But luckily I have plenty. So whatever the final outcome it’s all thanks to guns.”

One Clinton supporter said “Everyone will be a bit upset about being gunless for a few days. And then they’ll forget all about it.”


  1. No bang bangs? Awww…

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