Trump threatens North Korea with Fire and Phooey

China has appealed for calm this morning as US President Donald Trump has threatened to match any North Korean aggression with fire and Hong Kong Phooey.

Hong Kong Phooey detained by US immigration

Popular 1970s crime fighter Hong Kong Phooey has reportedly been detained by US immigration as part of the latest crackdown ordered by President Donald Trump.

Hong Kong Phooey to head Westminster abuse investigations

Home Secretary Theresa May has today silenced critics accusing the Government of yet another cover up with the news that a new investigation will be headed by none other than animated canine martial arts themed law enforcer Hong Kong Phooey. Speaking to an unusually full house of MPs Mrs May explained “These are largely problems […]

It’s Snoop Popey Pope as rapper hot favourite for Vatican leadership

The Catholic Church has been thrown into turmoil today by the Pope’s decision to resign from the catholic Church to ‘seek new challenges within the private sector’. The announcement came as a surprise to insiders who had gathered to join the Pope for his weekly game of ‘ecumenical cricket’, where participants gain one run for […]