Trump threatens North Korea with Fire and Phooey

China has appealed for calm this morning as US President Donald Trump has threatened to match any North Korean aggression with fire and Hong Kong Phooey.

Overweight maniacal despot with nuclear weapons threatens Kim Jong-Un

North Korean President Kim Jong-un has appealed for United Nations support in dealing with a rogue overweight despot who terrifyingly now has access to nuclear weapons. 

Western leaders deny calling Kim Jong-Un “Fatty tom-tom”

Western leaders have gone on record today to deny ever calling North Korean Leader Kim Jong-Un “Fatty Tom-Tom”, “Psycho Billy Bunter” and certainly not “Supreme pudding of the people’s democratic republic of Korea” following reports that the heavily boned autocrat has access to a huge bomb which he plans to use to blow shit up […]

Prince Charles to rule Britain with a rod of iron

Prince Charles will abandon the democratic system the moment he is king and will rule Britain with a rod of iron a bit like Henry VIII or Kim Jong-Un according to palace insiders. Royal correspondent Nicholas Witchell said “He’s been meeting with other kings and Princes over in the middle east, and he’s also been […]

North Korea urged to cyber attack Hugh Grant films

North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong-Un has been urged to use his new found power as make or break film critic to rid the world once and for all of Hugh Grant films. Whilst many have been disappointed that Sony films have withdrawn the film “The interview” after threats from Pyongyang the subsequent move from […]

Kim Jong-un wins at hide and seek

Pyongyang have hailed none other than the supreme leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Kim Jong-un, as the winner of what has been described as the worlds largest game of hide and seek. Seen by many as an orchestrated display of sabre rattling, the portly despot has shown the world that he is […]

Atos declare Kim Jong Un fit for work

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un will need to pull his finger out and get back to public engagements according to healthcare assessment company ATOS who have declared the portly despot fit for work. A spokesman for ATOS said “We have reason to believe that despite his protests to the contrary he’s perfectly fit and […]

Illegal not to like Dolly parton

Britain has today been coming to terms with the fact that as of the week-end it is now illegal not to like Dolly Parton. After what has been named the biggest concert by anyone ever, (aside from North Korea’s Kim Jong Un fest where the entire country’s population come to see their great leader play […]

Kim Jong Un executes all uncles

Supreme leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Kim Jong-un is believed to have ordered the total elimination of all uncles. The terrifying purge started straight after the execution of his own uncle Jan Sung-Taek and is said to be demonstrating the leader’s ‘decisiveness’. A spokesman from Pyonyang told us “The decision has  nothing to […]

North Korea prepared to use Chinese Burns

North Korea has been observed training troops to perform the fearsome military tactic of a Chinese Burn according to South Korea’s Foreign Minister.  Kim Kwan-jin has however urged caution and played down concerns that this could potentially leave the United States with a slightly sore wrist. In a statement via the Korean Central News Agency, […]