North Korea urged to cyber attack Hugh Grant films


North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong-Un has been urged to use his new found power as make or break film critic to rid the world once and for all of Hugh Grant films.

Whilst many have been disappointed that Sony films have withdrawn the film “The interview” after threats from Pyongyang the subsequent move from North Korea to try and ban 1980s cartoon series Thundercats is seen as the wrong target as Hugh Grant continues to star in the same old bollocks with no sense of remorse.

One film buff told us “He’s managing successfully to censor the film consumption of the entire world. Which is fine but with that comes a certain amount of responsibility. And if I have to watch Love Actually again over Christmas because I’m too pissed to find the channel changer, it will be a bitter pill to swallow knowing that the North Korean chubster could have pulled the plug on it at any time with a mere wave of his porky hand.”

A surprisingly upbeat Hugh Grant told us that he was quite prepared for a change of career and lifestyle should Mr Jong-un demand his films to be deleted, and felt that his acting had prepared him for life in the real world.

“Ah yes, maybe I could run a second hand book shop in Notting Hill, where I could pay the bills by selling the odd book every other day, whilst I prattle around with my stupid friends and try to pull Rene Zellweger or Martine Mcutcheon and end up looking after a child whilst Badly Drawn Boy warbles on in the background and it’s fucking Christmas.” he explained.

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