North Korea urged to cyber attack Hugh Grant films

North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong-Un has been urged to use his new found power as make or break film critic to rid the world once and for all of Hugh Grant films. Whilst many have been disappointed that Sony films have withdrawn the film “The interview” after threats from Pyongyang the subsequent move from […]

Hugh Grant confirmed as “King of the newspapers”

As a result of today’s cross party agreement, Hugh Grant has confirmed that he will be accepting the position of  ‘King of the Newspapers” and as of today all news stories must be submitted to him for approval and editing. The new role is thought to run concurrently with his present position of playing Hugh […]

Palace fury at unauthorised stick drawing of Kate

A spokesman for Buckingham Palace has relayed the ‘utter fury’ felt by the Royal Family at another unauthorised picture of Princess Kate, this time in the form of a stick drawing by 5 year old Poppy from Burgess Hill. “I can confirm that an unauthorised picture of the pregnant Princess has been drawn by an […]