Prince Philip set to resume public duties (on a space hopper)

Prince Philip will be seen in public for the first time in two months when he visits the Royal Society of Edinburgh on 12 August, a visit he reportedly intends to conduct bouncing up and down on a space hopper according to Royal sources. “He’s made it quite clear that at 92 if he is […]

Royal baby accused of not doing much

The British public are reportedly up in arms this morning as several days after the Royal baby’s arrival it doesn’t appear to be doing very much. One disgruntled member of the public told us “Once again we bring these descendants of tyrannical despots into a life of unbridled luxury at the tax payers expense and […]

Queen urged to stop milking it

The Queen has been urged to stop milking it with the incessant rounds of birthdays, official birthdays, jubilees and anniversaries of coronations according to an insider from the British public. “It’s just got stupid. I’m sure these things used to be once every ten years or so. But it’s got like X factor or Britain’s […]

Palace fury at unauthorised stick drawing of Kate

A spokesman for Buckingham Palace has relayed the ‘utter fury’ felt by the Royal Family at another unauthorised picture of Princess Kate, this time in the form of a stick drawing by 5 year old Poppy from Burgess Hill. “I can confirm that an unauthorised picture of the pregnant Princess has been drawn by an […]

Prince Harry complains about the media, to the media via the media

Prince Harry has voiced his distaste of the media, to the media, in the hope that they will tell other people in the media, in a press conference in Afghanistan organised by the Prince himself. Posing for photos this morning, the ginger Royal expressed his dislike of press conferences and having his photo taken. “It’s […]