Prince Philip set to resume public duties (on a space hopper)

spacey hopperPrincey Philip

Prince Philip will be seen in public for the first time in two months when he visits the Royal Society of Edinburgh on 12 August, a visit he reportedly intends to conduct bouncing up and down on a space hopper according to Royal sources.

“He’s made it quite clear that at 92 if he is to continue resuming public engagements it will have to be bouncing up and down on a space hopper.”

Though it is no secret that most senior Royals are obsessed with the 1970s inflatables, this has largely been behind closed doors and in the company of a select few.  Space hoppers have commonly been used by Royals for private engagements such as when new prime ministers come to ask permission to form a new government and state banquets, but are traditionally shunned at larger engagements where common or garden members of the public may be present.

A spokesman for the Space Hopper industry has welcomed the publicity that the change of policy will bring. “It shows that behind closed doors, the Royals are just the same as you or me. The good news is that in the past the Royals have only had the orange space hoppers with a face drawn on them to choose from. Now due to improved technology and design, space hoppers can be shaped like chickens, horses, anything you like really. And they bounce higher as well.”

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