Kim Jong-un wins at hide and seek

kim jong-un hide and seek

Pyongyang have hailed none other than the supreme leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Kim Jong-un, as the winner of what has been described as the worlds largest game of hide and seek. Seen by many as an orchestrated display of sabre rattling, the portly despot has shown the world that he is more than capable of holding his own on the world stage, at least in terms of Victorian parlour games.

One North Korean citizen is thought to have spotted him but was unavailable for comment due to being strapped to a post and obliterated with a mortar bomb. Another who had said he had found Mr Jong-un later said that he hadn’t.

“He really is very good at hiding” an inside source told us.

Many theories are circulating as to the exact hiding place of the rotund dictator. Some have suggested that he may have painted himself the same colour as one of his many statues and kept perfectly still. Others have voiced that he could have stayed at home hidden by armed guard. However, according to intelligence sources from South Korea he is thought to have hidden in a giant block of cheese with large holes in it through which he pokes his head on occasions.

Pyongyang have confirmed the supreme leader will be back “the moment he decides in his greatness that the game is over.

“He will then show the West why he is the world’s best charades player.”

Barack Obama has denounced the rhetoric as “antagonistic and ill advised.”


  1. See birthday wishes do come true, just believe everyone.

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