Corbyn trailing in polls against dalek invasion


Hard working families in Britain would shun labour and instead vote for an invasion by a psychopathic race of fictional alien/machine hybrids, should such an option become available and a general election tomorrow according to polls released today.

It’s thought that residents of Copeland voted in a Conservative MP in the absence of a clear Dalek invasion choice on the ballot paper . Second most popular choice according to the poll would actually have been a wanking monkey had one been standing.

One former Labour voter who now pledges support for Armageddon at the hands of vicious alien invaders cited reasons of job security and lack of ambiguity on EU membership.

“At least they’d get something done, even if the thing that they would get done would be our mass extinction.” She told us.

Mr Corbyn has ruled out resigning over the matter saying the fact that the Copeland public saw their best option as out and out annihilation by Dr Who’s greatest foe just meant that the party was failing to get its message across.

“It’s not my fault. I’ve been knocking on doors talking to people and then not listening to them.” He assured.

Former Labour Leader Ed Miliband “Even I won Copeland. Even Michael Foot won Copeland. Even James Calaghan won Copeland. Even Neil Kinnock won Copeland. Even Tony Blair. Even Gordon Brown.”

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