Eating this food could add 12 years to your life

healthy food

Scientists are predicting a significant increase in life expectancy for people who eat a certain type of food that when chewed, swallowed and ingested could add up to 12 years to your life. At least.

The study is thought to have come from scientific research of a number of people eating different types of food and calculating how much longer each participant lived than they would have done otherwise if they hadn’t been eating that food. The results varied between having a detrimental effect to life expectancy, not making any difference at all and having a positive effect of up to 12 years and more depending on the food and who is eating it.

Professor Brian Cox told us that this if verified would be a monumental breakthrough in the study of lengthening life expectancy by eating certain types of food.

“I haven’t seen the report and I don’t know what the food is. But an extra 12 years could be life changing for many people. For example if they were otherwise going to die when they were 80, they would instead die when they were 92. That’s an extra 12 years.” He explained

“Either way people are going to be queuing up in droves to buy this food. Unless they already eat it on a regular basis. In which case, they need to make sure they don’t stop eating it because that might mean they actually live for up to 12 years less.” He added.

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