George Galloway “Everyone must listen to me”


Former Respect MP and Big Brother contestant George Galloway has said that he will not stop on his political mission until everyone in Britain has stopped whatever else they are doing and is listening to him.

Famous for holding a parliamentary seat in Bradford West for half a term and pretending to be a cat on a reality TV show, Mr Galloway is thought to be taking legal action to force through a regular House of Commons ‘George Galloway’s Questions session’ where Mr Galloway asks the questions and then attempts to answer them. The fact that he wasn’t elected into parliament Mr Galloway describes as a “technicality forced through by the old school tie network”

Mr Galloway has also hinted that should his Mayoral bid fail, he would be very keen to move in to media. Preferably with him reading the news on every channel.

“It would be better if I read the news. What better way to find out all about me and what I think than if I’m reading it. Only I stand up for the minorities. I stand up for them by forcing them to listen to me whilst I go on and on and on. Honestly, I never stop.” He explained.

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