Thompson Twins to headline Glastonbury

thompson twins

The Thompson Twins have been confirmed to headline Glastonbury festival according to organiser and land owner Michael Eavis.

“It’s taken a lot of negotiation. We didn’t know where they were, we didn’t know what they look like now, and we weren’t even sure if they still lived together in the same house.

Indeed, the band have reportedly been taking 30 years to write their next album having released Into the Gap, Pag eht Otni which consisted of all tracks on Into the gap played backwards and an album of their greatest hits. From Into the Gap.

One insider told us “They’re still the same. They haven’t aged.”

Lead singer Tom Bailey said that the band would be reaching out to the youth of today.  Any middle aged fans expecting him to be singing ‘Doctor Doctor, can’t you see I’m burning burning’ might well be disappointed.

“People just expecting us to be playing songs from Into the Gap are in for a big surprise. Unless we still haven’t written anything new by then, in which case they won’t be. And you can’t rush these things.” He explained.

On young Glastonbury ticket holder told us “I’d never heard of them, but Jo Whiley said they’re iconic like Dolly Parton. I’ve always liked them.”

Glastonbury 2015 is expected to be the largest incarnation of the festival ever, partly due to the Thompson Twins and partly due to this years policy of free entry. It is also thought to be weather permitting.

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