Conservatives to enable the Queen to buy her council house

conservative manifesto

A conservative only Government will enable the Queen to buy some or all of her council houses thus enabling her to finally get her foot on the property ladder rather than slumming it in state owned accommodation.

Launching his election manifesto Mr Cameron said that all of Britain deserved the good life. It was just going to go to some people before others.

“Only a conservative government are offering the good life for people prepared to work hard enough for it. And you don’t get a more hard working family than the Royals. Why her Majesty alone has been working hard waving at people day in day out for the last 90 years or so.” He explained.

The move will enable the Queen to buy Buckingham Palace for a fraction of it’s actual worth though it is not clear whether she will have to use her own money. However, the monarch has been sternly warned not to treat this as a money spinner, the policy stating that she must leave it several years before she can legally sell it to a Russian oligarch. In addition, the practice of  moving into one of her other council houses and renting Buckingham Palace out will be most likely frowned upon.

“She will be able to tell people how much her house is worth during Christmas day speech though.” one source revealed.

The policy not been without its critics. Labour have argued that the country needs a supply of palaces and stately homes in which to house otherwise homeless monarchs, and UKIP said something about Germans and Greeks.

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