Justin’s House front for weed factory

justin's house weed factory

Children’s favourite television abode Justin’s House has been exposed as a front for a weed factory according to police sources.

A spokesman for the Met told us “The whole place is covered in heavy duty lights, our spotter planes keep picking it up through infa-red detection, it’s a weed factory all day long.  I mean, it’s fucking obvious. But every time we turn up they’ve hidden all that weed and replaced it with noisy children and a bloke dressed up as a robot. He’s a clever sod that Justin.”

One red faced parent told us “I’m shocked, outraged and appalled. And to think my kids just sat there watching Mr Tumble transporting kilos of the stuff in his spotty bag, I’m taking the kids home straight away. But I might come back on my own afterwards.”

A show insider told us off the record “He’s just taken advantage of operation yew tree. As long as he’s not inappropriate with any of the mums he can bang out skunk to his heart’s content.  He’s so cocky he hasn’t even denied it. When have you heard him deny it?”

Fellow childrens’ TV presenter Mr Bloom said he would not speak to us without a lawyer present.

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