Brexit is worth losing a bollock over say over 65s

vote leave lose a bollock

People over 65 who support Brexit would continue to back it even if it meant losing one of their bollocks to ensure it went ahead.

A YouGov poll published today revealed 61% of older people who voted Leave at the referendum think that “significant damage” to their meat and two veg resulting in it being meat and one veg, is a price worth paying for taking Britain out of the EU.

One Brexit supporting retiree Daley Mayall of Burgess hill told us “It’s not actually about whether I’ve got one or two bollocks, it’s about regaining our sovereignty. I know a lot of young people want to be citizens of Europe and not be partially castrated. But they’re traitors and they’re defying the will of the people who voted for us to leave the EU, even if it cocks the economy up and causes a cluster-fuck of a recession, and clearly stated they would be prepared to lose one testicle. If not two.”

Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond said  “We will be debating with EU members how we can move from full membership of the EU to a future relationship with the EU. And by presenting Jean-Claude Juncker with the the amputated testicle of every man over 65, he will know that we absolutely mean business.”


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