Blair to get police caution over Iraq war

blair police caution

Tony Blair is set to get off with a caution over starting the Iraq war as it is his first offence according to a spokesman for the High court.

Whilst unusual for a High court to order a police caution,  Lord Thomas of Cwmgiedd, the Lord Chief Justice said “As it is the first time he’s done it and he’s previously of reasonably good character we’re willing to downgrade it to a caution this time. But he must be under no misapprehension, if he does it again he’s looking at a fine at the very least.”

Whilst the decision may be seen by some as overly lenient, sources close to the former Prime Minister have condemned the sentence as populist nonsense pandering to  lefties who have somehow infiltrated the left wing.

Indeed former Foreign secretary Jack Straw said “This will have hit Tony really hard.  He now won’t be able to apply for any sort of low paid job that involves looking after people as a caution is basically a criminal record. Instead he’ll be forced to carry on scratching a living sanctimoniously judging others, earning millions on the after dinner speech circuit, pretending to be friends with God and saying that history will judge him.”

However one Police source said “He’ll be up to his old tricks sooner or later. Rejoining British politics, sounding reasonable, quoting God, fabricating spurious evidence of weapon of mass destruction.  You wait. Once a wrong’un always a wrong’un.”


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