Fox news blames humans for alien invasion

sean hannity

Fox News Anchorman Sean Hannity has today caused further controversy by blaming the human race for any future attack by aliens.

“Any invasion is likely to be by aliens that already inhabit a number of different planets and have a far superior arsenal of weapons. And should we be attacked by an alien race wishing to wipe us out, then the chances are we’ll probably end up having a go back. So in my book, that makes us the terrorists.” He explained

“It hasn’t happened yet but I think any future alien invasion will actually have shown too much restraint by the aliens concerned” he added.

Fox News, which is allegedly owned by a businessman known only as Tharg of Neptune, employed Hannity after he was sacked from his previous position when he pulled off a human mask to reveal a lizard’s head through which he then swallowed a live guinea pig in one gulp.

Whilst often a critic of Fox News, comedian Russell Brand has come out in full support of Hannity and left the following statement on his YouTube channel “I love Sean Hannity. He’s absolutely not a warmongering, ratings chasing bigot. And I also doubt that he is really an alien with his own agenda either.”

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