People to start saying Jimmy Hill again

jimmy hill

A Government think tank has today predicted that people are going to start saying Jimmy Hill to each other again on occasions that they doubt the validity of what has just been described to them. The terminology which may be subject to regional variations such as saying itchy chin or Jimmy reckon is thought likely to be articulated whilst gesticulating in a way that they appear to scratch an itch on their own chin.

A spokesman for the think tank told us that the situation was a time bomb waiting to explode.

“Many people who consistently went round saying Jimmy Hill to people when they were 12 are now in their forties, many in positions of some responsibility. But these things never leave you, they just lie latent waiting for a chance to pop out again. It will only take a senior manager, an MP or a professional person to say Jimmy Hill to someone in a meeting and it will open the flood gates for half the country to start scratching their chins in a provocative manner.” he explained.

Professor Brian Cox told us that he believed the threat to be all too real. “Without our technological advances we would immediately revert to the early 1980s. It would only take a power cut and someone to whisper Jimmy’s name under their breath and within minutes, millions would be shouting chinny reckon at each other. And for that reason no-one must ever mention Joey Deacon.”

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