Babylon Zoo come out in support of Lib Dems

babylon zoo

Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg has welcomed the party’s latest celebrity endorsement in the form of the bloke out of 1990s super band Babylon Zoo who has come out of apparent obscurity to swear his full allegiance.

Speaking from the Lib Dem tour bus, the star told a packed crowd “I had a hit once, and deep in my heart I know I’ll have another one. I also know that the Lib Dems will be a force to be reckoned with. Both of us will be around a long time.”

The news has come hot on the heels of other celebrity endorsements from personalities such as Mr Bennett out of Take Hart and nearly all the members of the Rolling Stones second most popular tribute act.

A spokesman for the party said “The tide is turning. People are returning to us in droves and now we have Mr Zoo with us we’re on a roll. We’ll probably play his song on our broadcasts. People will want to vote for us when they hear the fast futury type bit at the beginning, then go off us when they hear the actual song and then possibly want to vote for us again when it speeds up a bit again.”

One former Lib Dem voter told us that he felt torn between simply not voting Lib Dem or fannying about for a while, changing his mind a bit and then voting for them anyway.

“On one hand I don’t trust them as far as I can throw them. On the other hand that Spaceman song is really catchy. Well at least the beginning bit and the bit right at the end.” He explained.

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