Blue Peter viewers vote to name new royal baby “Motorbike”

blue peter

Blue Peter viewers have voted to name the  imminent new Royal baby ‘Motorbike’, as the results have come in from one of the most successful nationwide competitions ever run by the show.

The show was previously facing tough scrutiny from regulators after a similar competition to name one of the show’s cats ended up in it being named “socks” when in fact young viewers had voted to call it ‘helmet’. Indeed, former Blue Peter presenter Konnie Huq told us that the decision to overide the will of the people over the name of a cat cost her her career, and urged William and Kate not to make the same mistake.

“I hope the Royals don’t just rail road over the wishes of the nations children and call their child Victoria or Edward or something. Unless they call the fourth in line to the throne Motorbike then they stand the risk of alienating themselves from the people”

Royal correspondent and former ginger Nicholas Witchell told us that he was determined not to miss a second of the Royal Birth and would be reporting on it from now until a long time after it had finished with a reverent gaze and a tear in the eye. “Last time I took a shit and I missed it. I’m not making that mistake again.” he explained.

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