Fish to leave Marillion

derek dick

Progressive rock fans throughout the country have aired their disappointment today at news that front man Fish aka Derek Dick is planning to leave 1980s progressive rock band Marillion.

Bass player Pete Trewavas told us the decision was regrettable but quite mutual.

“He’s written some great lyrics, many learnt verbatum by men who find it very difficult to get girlfriends. But ultimately  his steadfast refusal to play gigs not in the 1980s just proved too much in the end.”

One distraught fan told us “It’s the worst day of my life. How the hell can you have a progressive rock band from Buckinghamshire twiddling away without a large Scotsman shouting over the top of it? If they think that’s the way to sound like Genesis but a little bit different then they’re mad. Any new singer trying to sing 1980s pop hits such as kayleigh and Lavender is just going to sound ridiculous.”

However, another fan told us that it wouldn’t stop him following the band. “Only getting a girlfriend will stop me following Marillion. And to be honest, it might be a good thing that he’s going. Ever since the late 1980s he’s never been quite the same. He’s looked different, sounded different and largely sung different songs. If he’s going to carry on not being like Fish then he might as well leave the band and let them instead recruit someone that is more like Fish.”

Keyboardist Mark kelly told us that the band would not rule out recruiting another large Scotsman for future gigs. “We’re still playing gigs believe it or not and we’re going to need another singer. We might give Alex Salmond a go. Or Marti Pellow. Or both of the Proclaimers.” he explained.


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