There won’t be a no deal Brexit recession because laughing smiley face

There won’t be any sort of recession following a no deal Brexit because “laughing smiley face” and “we won get over it”, according to experts.

David Cameron’s mother joins Lib Dems

Prime Minister David Cameron has told critics that he is “quite comfortable” with the fact that his mother has become a paid up member of the Lib dems. Playing down an rumours of any sort of family rift Mr Cameron said “The marvellous thing about a democracy is that there is room for all of […]

Mr Potato elected Lib Dem leader

The ill fated Lib Dems are widely reported to have turned a corner this afternoon following the announcement that fictional potato based cartoon character Mr Potato is to take over as leader. Though like Nicola Sturgeon, not actually an MP, the popular Euro-spud is widely predicted to shake the party up by doing some things […]

Babylon Zoo come out in support of Lib Dems

Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg has welcomed the party’s latest celebrity endorsement in the form of the bloke out of 1990s super band Babylon Zoo who has come out of apparent obscurity to swear his full allegiance. Speaking from the Lib Dem tour bus, the star told a packed crowd “I had a hit once, […]

Clegg “We must prostitute our morals to the highest bidder”

Lib Dem Leader Nick Clegg has told fellow Liberal Democrats that they must prostitute their morals like a tupenny whore in order to get into a coalition with the most popular party following the 2015 General Election. “We should do or say anything that means we give the appearance of staying in power whilst in […]

“I wouldn’t vote for me” admits Nick Clegg

Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg has said that he won’t be voting for himself in next years general election as it would be a wasted vote which at best could only result in a pointless outcome. Speaking on the Andrew Marr show and then again on Andrew Neil’s political talk show “Afternoon bollocks” the Lib […]

Vince Cable “I’m right behind Nick Clegg until Friday.”

Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills Vince Cable has confirmed that Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg has his support at least until the end of the week when he returns from his trip to China. Speaking on the phone from China Mr Cable told us “I’m in China at the moment but I’ve […]

Nick Clegg “I’m not resigning but I might grow a moustache”

Deputy Prime Minister and Leader of the Liberal Democrats Nick Clegg has confirmed this morning that whilst he will not be heeding calls to step down from either position, he would be willing to grow a patch of facial hair above the lip in order to revive the fortunes of  the ailing party. The statement […]

Swear more Clegg urges Lib Dems

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg has today urged party activists to start swearing like troopers as he launched the party’s campaign for the English local elections. “We’re not simply a protest vote. We’re the only party you can rely on to break up our otherwise dull manifesto with a liberal sprinkling of profanity along the […]

Only Danny Alexander left in Lib Dems by 2015

Danny Alexander is likely to be the only remaining member of The Liberal Democratic Party by 2015 according to a leading political think tank entrusted to predict who exactly is going to be left in the Liberal Democratic party by 2015. In a statement released this morning, the think tank argues “We have reason to […]