Mr Potato elected Lib Dem leader

mr potato

The ill fated Lib Dems are widely reported to have turned a corner this afternoon following the announcement that fictional potato based cartoon character Mr Potato is to take over as leader. Though like Nicola Sturgeon, not actually an MP, the popular Euro-spud is widely predicted to shake the party up by doing some things and saying some stuff. The new leader promised a packed press conference he would inject new life into the depleted shadow of a former minor party.

“Please welcome your friend and mine Mr Potato! Come on Lib Dems, lets eat fruit and vegetables and exercise!” He explained

Party president Sal Brinton said: “Mr Potato is a fantastic communicator and his energy, enthusiasm and passion will inspire and drive the Liberal Democrats back to winning ways. Well not ‘back’ but you know what I mean.

“We only have eight or nine MPs or or maybe seven. But with Mr potato at the helm we could have almost double that a couple of general elections down the line. Before you know it we’ll return to being not a force to be reckoned with but one you can’t completely ignore.”

One Lib Dem member told us that the potato like statesman would be entering his new challenge with his eyes wide open.

“He knows if he’s going to take the party to new heights he needs to keep the drinking, cottaging and getting other people to take his points for speeding down to an absolute minimum.”

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