Queen “I was hailing a bus”

queen nazi salute

Her Majesty the Queen has gone on record today to reassure the public that pictures of her and the late Queen Mother performing nazi salutes were in fact merely the family hailing a bus.

“Obviously on special occasions we would travel in an ornate horse drawn carriage with a big gold knob on the top of it. But the rest of the time we would just take a bus into town. It used to cost a ha’penny bit. Buses were terribly sporadic back then, so in the picture we were all wearing jack boots and other marching regalia ready to march to our destination should one not have arrived. Yes that’s it. We weren’t in support of a brutal far right regime that favoured ethnic cleansing at all.” She told us.

Her Royal Highness has conceded that in the picture the action of raising one arm straight and firmly in the air could be open to misinterpretation.

“I think some people thought we were ‘Heiling’ a bus” she chuckled.

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