David Cameron’s mother joins Lib Dems

david cameron's mother

Prime Minister David Cameron has told critics that he is “quite comfortable” with the fact that his mother has become a paid up member of the Lib dems.

Playing down an rumours of any sort of family rift Mr Cameron said “The marvellous thing about a democracy is that there is room for all of us to throw our ideas into the pot. And for that reason I am perfectly happy that the one person who should be supporting me unconditionally, my own mother, chooses to stab me in the back. In fact I couldn’t be more pleased.”

Yet any on the surface niceties are thought by many to run only skin deep. Indeed, reports from sources close to the Camerons have recounted tales of the Premier shouting and slamming doors on a few occasions  when he has arrived to visit his parents, only to find his mother and Lib Dem leader Tim Farron drinking wine together and laughing.

However Mrs Cameron has dismissed rumours of her standing against Mr Cameron at the next general election his his own constituency as nonsense.

“I may not even have to. I’m hoping that he realises before then that the purpose of spending over half a million pounds on his education was not all about persecuting disabled people and shutting down charities, and subsequently changes his ways.” She explained.

“But then he was never very good at sharing.” She explained.



  1. Well done Mrs Cameron Well that has cooked Davey Boy’s goose hasn’t it?

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