There won’t be a no deal Brexit recession because laughing smiley face

laughing smiley faceThere won’t be any sort of recession following a no deal Brexit because “laughing smiley face” and “we won get over it”, according to experts.

Indeed, Governor of the Bank of England Mark Carney’s report highlighting an instant shock to the economy has been discredited by someone writing remoaners repeatedly in capitals.

“I thought I had used every fiscal tool available in coming to the conclusion that walking out of the world’s largest trading block whilst having absolutely no new trade deals in place, might result in a business cycle contraction, where there is a general decline in economic activity.” Mr Carney told us

“But someone put a laughing smiley face under my post and wrote traitors and remoaners in capital letters and every time put an apostrophe before the s to imply ownership even though they actually meant the plural. I’m going to have to completely rethink my economic analyses.”

The news comes as the inability of a Brexit supporter to give an example of an actual EU law that affected his way of life is any way was countered by the fact that asking him to name one was undemocratic.

“Na na na na na you lost get over it.” He explained.

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