Labour Government to stay in and leave the EU

Jeremy Corbyn's Brexit policy

A Labour Government would unify the people by both staying in the EU and leaving it.

Leader of the opposition Jeremy Corbyn said “Despite campaigning for remain in the referendum, I’ve made no secret about the fact that I want to leave. Consequently I plan to honour the will of the people in 2016 by leaving the EU whilst also honouring the will of the people now by staying in it in 2016. ”

“It means you can change your mind on Brexit without having to change your party affiliation. As we may or may not be representing you either way. It’s something for everyone but more importantly no-one. And some people. It’s neither yet it’s both.”

“Anyway it’s not about Brexit.  But at the same time it is. We’re healing the nation.”

The comments followed accusations from critics of ambiguity on the subject.

“Basically our policy could not be clearer. We’re leaving whilst actually staying yet we’re also leaving. And Remainers should vote for us in a general election as we’re staying. And leaving.” He continued.

“We need to leave with a deal. Especially as we’re also staying. And leaving with a deal. Or remaining without a deal. And that’s why you should vote for us.”

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