“I was forced to be Lord Sugar’s coffee table” claims apprentice


Stella English, winner of the 2010 BBC TV show, the apprentice has told a tribunal that she was merely an overpaid piece of lounge furniture as the ‘dream job’ offered by the series turned out to be the position of Lord Sugar’s coffee table.

  Ms English fought back tears as she told the tribunal that on turning up at Lord Sugar’s pretend television offices in Canary Wharf she was initially optimistic and excited about her new role. “To my surprise I was told by Lord Sugar to get on all fours on the floor. Before I knew it he’d put a coaster, a piping hot cup of tea and a plate of chocolate biscuits on my back. He and his assistant Nick then both put their feet up on me and started watching television. I could hear Nick saying ‘Nice coffee table Alan’.”

  The Lord Sugar independent trading company has argued that at no time was Ms English or any other contestant categorically told that the prize 6 figure salary job wouldn’t be as a coffee table. In fact Lord Sugar himself told us “I started off my business life as a coffee table. And it was by being fucking good at it that got me where I am today. I just want to mentor some new blood. By putting cups of tea on them.”

  It’s not the first time that The Apprentice has sparked controversy. 2007 winner Simon Ambrose reportedly left after 6 months, complaining that his £100,000 pa job was actually as a coffee table.

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