Ladyboys acceptable in surprise Australian compromise on gay marriage

australian brideIn a surprise turnaround from the Australian High Court this morning, the new legislation banning gay marriage and annulling recent gay marriages is to be reversed again under a number of strict conditions.  The law will now allow marriage between two men in the Australian Capital territory as long as one of them looks like a Sheila.

The surprise U turn has the full support of the Australian Christian Lobby who have said that they will draw a blind eye to a gay marriage if one of them at least wears a dress. A spokesman explained “We’ve just been on a church jolly for the top brass and we ended up at the lady boys of Bangkok show. I didn’t even know they were men for the first half of the show. Afterwards in the pub, we all agreed that if they could fool us, then they would probably fool God as well.”

“We don’t want people taking the piss though,” he added. “They’ll have to look the part. If we end up having brides with big hairy beards and no makeup getting married in church, God will be furious with us.”

It’s thought that this amendment may not have cross party support and is yet to be made federal law.  Liberal Party politician Eric Abetz said on Twitter: “we’ll be holding off from any such compromise until our own trip to see the Bangkok lady boys later in the week.”

The Catholic church have not yet made a statement on the possible compromise, though former Pope Benedict XVI is widely believed to have said “Dast ist eine Adam’s apple!” when shown a picture of a lady boy yesterday.


  1. Awesome! I never knew Sheila had an Adam’s apple…

  2. Very good satire indeed!

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