Customers desert Morrisons over allegations that Market Street isn’t actually a market

morrisons market street

Supermarket chain Morrisons have come under fire today after suspicions from customers that their much advertised ‘Market Street’ actually isn’t one.

One frustrated would be market trader told us “It’s infuriating. I’ve been turning up with a van load of bananas at 4am every morning for the last 8 years. You would have thought they’d have given me a pitch by now but they won’t even discuss it.”

One customer told us “I turned up here in good faith expecting some salt of the earth chappie shouting at the top of his voice about how he could do me a bag of apples for a pound. There’s no-one shouting at all, and no-one will haggle with me. On top of that there’s no Big Issue sellers, no chuggers and no hot dog van. You might call this a market. I call it bollocks.”

Morrisons, which has today reported a loss of £176 million, has recently been slated by customers for it’s long queues generally caused by celebrities Richard Hammond and Denise Van Outen continually asking staff if every single item is fresh.

However, Morrisons boss Dalton Philips told a press conference that this will be the start of a new direction for the food giant in the form of a new venture within the stores called ‘Bazaar Street’ “We’re taking the bold decision to ensure that we are the first supermarket where you can haggle with the cashier whilst being entertained by a belly dancer or a snake charmer. All our staff will wear Fez hats and shoes that curl upwards at the toe.” he explained.


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