Customers desert Morrisons over allegations that Market Street isn’t actually a market

Supermarket chain Morrisons have come under fire today after suspicions from customers that their much advertised ‘Market Street’ actually isn’t one. One frustrated would be market trader told us “It’s infuriating. I’ve been turning up with a van load of bananas at 4am every morning for the last 8 years. You would have thought they’d […]

Tesco “If you don’t like us you can fuck off”

Tesco’s annual profits have fallen for the first time in almost 20 years, as the UK’s biggest supermarket confirmed it was pulling out of the US. Largely due to the failure of their US supermarket venture “Fat and Shooty”, a spokesman for the chain issued a statement in which he appealed to lost customers on […]

Premier Inn deny all knowledge of Lenny Henry

Hotel chain Premier Inn have today distanced themselves from 1980s comedian Lenny Henry on the discovery that much of the public appear to be under the impression that he works for them. A spokesman for the hotel chain told us “We’d like to clarify that Mr Henry has never been asked to appear in any […]