Furniture stores using Satanic powers says office of fair trading

Furniture stores have been brokering deals with Satan to coerce people into buying sofas on bank holidays through practice of the dark arts, according to the Office of Fair Trading. A spokesman for the OFT told us “Who would even think about buying an expensive sofa on a bank holiday if they were not being […]

High streets are stupid say public

High streets are stupid and should be filled in with concrete according to a recent poll. A bygone era when one could pay thruppence for parking and peruse some haberdashery or 1970s delicacies under one roof at the local Jenkinson, Abdul and Eric department store now seems like a distant memory. Grumpy old man Charlie […]

Tesco “If you don’t like us you can fuck off”

Tesco’s annual profits have fallen for the first time in almost 20 years, as the UK’s biggest supermarket confirmed it was pulling out of the US. Largely due to the failure of their US supermarket venture “Fat and Shooty”, a spokesman for the chain issued a statement in which he appealed to lost customers on […]