Premier Inn deny all knowledge of Lenny Henry

lenny henry

Hotel chain Premier Inn have today distanced themselves from 1980s comedian Lenny Henry on the discovery that much of the public appear to be under the impression that he works for them.

A spokesman for the hotel chain told us “We’d like to clarify that Mr Henry has never been asked to appear in any advertisements for Premier Inn and has certainly never been paid to do so. All adverts regarding our hotels and Mr Henry have been filmed entirely without our knowledge and at Mr Henry’s own expense. To our knowledge he has never actually stayed in any of our hotels, so we really don’t know where any of this is coming from.”

Mr Henry however who shot to fame and back again in the 1980s has told us that he is shocked and hurt by the reaction of the hotel chain. “Look, I just think people should stay in Premier Inns and so I offer free advice on the telly. Everyone does it. You don’t think Morrisons pay Richard Hammond and Freddie Flintoff do you? Anyway, if that’s the thanks I get then I’m just going to pretend I stay in a different chain of hotels. Ungrateful bastards.”

The hotel chain have also stated that they find Mr Henry’s activities ‘most unusual’.

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