Grange Hill recruiting for Islamic State

grange hill islamic state

Education Secretary Nicky Morgan and Home Secretary Theresa May are said to be at loggerheads this morning at news that former television soap school Grange Hill stands accused of overtly recruiting for extremest Islamic groups such as Al-Qaeda and Islamic State.

One former Grange Hill viewer told us “The school hasn’t been on the television for years. And that’s probably why no-one noticed.”

Indeed since the long running fictional school went off the air in 2008 there is speculation that now largely unobserved, it may or may not have become a hotbed for fundamentalism, most likely facilitated by Roland or Mr Baxter.


Pupils at Grange Hill not only had to follow the school rules but also BBC pre-watershed television guidelines. One insider told us “They were the only school in the country where there was absolutely no record of any swearing. Once the cameras went away for good, both staff and pupils found themselves bereft of a strict patriarchal order.”

Original Grange Hill pupil Todd Carty said”I’m pretty sure I left grange Hill at some point in the early 1980’s so I’m unlikely to be able to offer any up to date information on the matter. I will however be appearing in spin-off series Tucker’s Jihad,  so someone on the crew for that might know.”

It is not sure whether the recent arrests in the High Wycombe area are connected. One Wycombe resident told us “We’re pretty sure that Grange Hill is somewhere in London. And that would only be a few stops away from here on the Marylebone line so it all seems to fit together.”

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