Clarkson offered Top Gear Job in Argentina


Jeremy Clarkson is thought to be seriously considering a job in South America after a petition signed by almost 500,000 people, all Argentinians, has asked for him to go over and present his unique blend of jingoistic banter and motoring information over there.

President of Argentina and self confessed Anglophile Cristina Fernández de Kirchner said that Clarkson’s arrival could be the boost that the country’s notoriously dull television needed, and the un-PC presenter would be welcomed with open arms.

“It was all a big misunderstanding with the car registration mix-up. He’s very popular, even with the people who threw rocks at him.” She explained.

“He’ll probably go days at a time without having to duck a rock.” She added.

Clarkson himself told us that he was looking forward to moving to a country where he would clearly be more appreciated.

“It’s mainly inhabited by Johnny Foreigner which is a shame but they do a top steak and I can pop over to the Falkland Islands for a bit of home from home any time I want a want a decent cup of tea.” He told us.

Fellow presenters James May and Richard Hammond are thought to be letting Clarkson make a name for himself out there before perhaps joining him at a later date.

“We will of course be there to wave him off at the airport” Hammond confirmed.

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