Drinkers’ joy as pint of Peroni down from £4.58 to £4.57

beer drinkers

Drinkers throughout the UK have reacted with pure unbridled joy at the news that a pint of Peroni in their local chain pub will now be reduced from £4.58 to £4.57 after Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne announced a reduction of a whole penny per pint in beer duty as part of today’s budget.

Assuming Peroni themselves pass the savings on this means an extra shiny penny in the pockets of hard working families for every pint they drink whilst pissing their wages up the wall.

One drinker we spoke to told us that he couldn’t wait to start cashing in on the Chancellor’s lager free for all.

“It’s marvellous. If I go out for a pint every day for a year I still won’t have enough for a free pint but if I carry on for another 3 months then I will. Assuming the price hasn’t gone up by then. So I’d better get on it. It’s lovely of the Chancellor to give something back.”

Another reveller explained “I earn less than £40k a year so I can’t actually afford to drink beer and I just sit at home doing legal highs. But if the price is now £4.57 a pint I might just have to treat myself, might I fuck as like.”

Mr Osborne’s budget has also reduced the price of a cocktail in a jam jar in a poncy bar from £8.44 to £8.43 or even less depending on the content.

“It’s time to give something back.” he told us.

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