Blair “I might have got it wrong but at least nobody died”

tony blair

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair has today admitted that perhaps going into an illegal war on false pretences, contrary to the will of the majority of the British people, in order to impress an unintelligent American who was trying to please his dad, wasn’t one of his smartest moves but has also said that it’s not as if anyone actually died.

Speaking to CNN in a recent interview, Mr Blair said “I probably haven’t done anything wrong but in the unlikely event that the Chilcott report seems to think I have, and has loads of “evidence” then I’m sure it’s all been blown out of proportion. Anyway it was ages ago now. Have I started a war today? I don’t think so. Have I even started a war in the last year or two? Of course not, but I bet it doesn’t mention that in the report.

“Did anyone even die? Obviously they did but you know what I mean.

“So I’m a bit sorry, but who in their heart of hearts can honestly look at themselves in a mirror and say they haven’t started a war.

“Now we must all move on.

“Please don’t send me to prison.”

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