Family refused social housing for being “too English”

social housing

A family from Woking Surrey have told of their shock and disappointment after being refused social housing for being “too English”. Janet and John White say they were told in no uncertain terms that had they been born and grown up in a Mediterranean country then they would have had a far greater chance of being considered for a local authority subsidised home.

Jorge Bergasa of Malaga Municipal council has defended the decision arguing that all subsidised housing must be earmarked for families who are either Spanish or live in Spain. “The Whites had only come over to Malaga on a week’s package holiday. Mr White works as an investment banker in London and they own their own house where they live in Woking.” He told us.

The Whites have argued that this tough decision by the Malaga local authority could actually leave the family homeless and destitute. “We do own a property in Woking but we rented it out in anticipation of our new council house in Spain. We have another place in London but some foreigners moved in next door so we don’t really like being there.

“We feel we have as much right to a council property in Malaga as anyone else. Preferably with a balcony, a sea view and access to a swimming pool.”

UKIP leader Nigel Farage told us that this was positive discrimination taken to the extreme. Once again they get everything and we get nothing.” He explained.

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