1980s band Talk Talk suffer cyber attack

talk talk

1980s band Talk Talk have suffered a cyber attack potentially endangering the security of anyone who bought their LPs, saw them in concert or hummed one of their tunes in the bath or maybe up a ladder.

Band front man Mark Hollis admitted that the former New Wave act had made fundamental errors in terms of cyber security. “In hindsight we were complacent. We genuinely thought we’d be safe in the 1980s.

“Now every time someone starts singing It’s My Life, Life’s What You Make It or one of our other songs, whatever they are, then they’re going to be effectively handing over their bank details to cyber criminals. I’ve no idea how that works at all. That’s probably why we were targeted.”

Aside from being advised to avoid big stadium gigs circa 1986, Talk Talk fans have been warned to regard with suspicion any phone calls seemingly from the band themselves apologising for the breach of security and offering to sing a few of their singles on the phone.

“The moment you say yes then they’ve got you.The person on the other end of the phone may seem be very feasible but you can only be 100% sure it’s actually Talk Talk if you phone them.” We were told.

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