Ray Winstone to fight hard Brexit


Ray Winstone has challenged hard Brexit to a fight in a move that may be seen as a bitter blow to Prime Minister Theresa May’s authority on the matter.

Speaking from outside the Red Lion in Croydon where he reportedly plans to meet Brexit in the car park Mr Winstone said”Brexit isn’t hard. Even the Lib dems are having a pop at it.”

One parliamentary insider told us that with Brexit strutting around all puffed up with its own importance and giving it all that, it was only going to be a matter of time before it attracted the attentions of Mr Winstone.

“He will most likely approach hard Brexit in a dark room before saying “where’s your tool?”. Once Brexit replies “what tool?”, he will retort “this tool!” before hitting the ill thought sudden exit from the EU over the head with some sort of tool and following this up by saying “right you bastard I’m Brexit now and we’re staying in Europe.”” He explained.

Popular as Mr Winstone is with the general public there are still some that think he should back off and leave it out, letting hard Brexit go round throwing its weight around unchallenged.

“I don’t know what the fuck I voted for but now we’ve voted,  Brexit should be allowed to do whatever it likes at whatever cost and we should never be allowed to vote on anything ever again. Or we’re unpatriotic.” One Brexit supporter told us.

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