Jimmy Saville awarded Time Magazine’s person of the year


The late entertainer Jimmy Saville has been awarded Person of the Year for 2016 by US magazine Time.

A spokesman for the publication which has courted controversy with past choices for person of the year such as Vladimir Putin and Adolf Hitler said “It is admittedly  unusual in the fact that someone who’s been dead 5 years has received an award for 2016, but many of his TV shows and subsequent charity events have only filtered through to US television recently. ”

Indeed, it seems that US viewers can’t get enough of Saville with the BBC receiving more letters from across the pond than ever before, all asking Saville to Fix things for them.

“We were thinking of awarding the Person of the Year accolade to Donald Trump, but on hearing that repeats of 1970s episodes of Jim’ll fix it have overtaken Game of Thrones in the ratings, it made sense to award it to Saville. People like Trump, but they like Jimmy even more.”

Trump said “I was honoured to come second to a man who hasn’t actually been convicted of any sexual offences either. And I’m going to follow Jimmy’s example by fixing things for people, smoking a cigar and saying Now then Now then a lot. Who know’s next year I might win it.”

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