Drinkers urged to follow pints up with chasers


Warnings on alcoholic drinks to remind people to have chasers should be mandatory according to the  All-Party Parliamentary Group on Alcohol Misuse.

Speaking from the house of Commons subsidised bar, group chairwoman and Conservative MP Tracey Crouch told us “With food we encourage people to have a balanced diet and consume a wide variety of food groups. Well obviously it’s exactly the same with drinks. If you just drink pints of lager all night then it won’t have nearly the same beneficial effect as if you then moved onto cider, then red wine and then vodka. If you must stick to the same drink then it’s worth having a different shot with every round. Remember, variety is the key.

“Every different drink affects the body in a different way. So if you have an absynthe, a whisky, a large sherry and then a cocktail, as far as harm to the body is concerned you’ve only had one drink.”

However Mrs Crouch has stressed that the Government warnings should be seen as guidelines only.

“Of course in the 1970s many people would drink 4 pints and smoke a packet of cigarettes in their lunch break, and to our knowledge everyone was fine. But it’s better safe than sorry. So if you’re buying a bottle of red wine, it’s always worth picking up a bottle of white so you can alternate between the two.”

The warnings stressing the importance of mixing it up a bit will be printed in large letters on all bottles and cans whether they contain alcoholic drinks or not. Using technology similar to that used by a 3d printer, draft beer will spell out messages such as “How about a cheeky rum?” in the foam.


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