End of summer means bloke can stop driving his convertible up and down the seafront

convertibles on seafront

The official end of summer this week has been hailed by convertible drivers throughout the country as it now means they can so something else at weekends other than endlessly drive their cars up and down the seafront.

One driver told us that for him the move to autumn couldn’t have come sooner. “It’s shit. I hate summer. You spend every Saturday and Sunday driving repeatedly up and down seafronts, to and fro, backwards and forwards  making sure everybody knows you’ve got a car with no roof. Often you drive  past people out drinking outside pubs and they’re supposed to envy you but you’re totally jealous of them because you can’t have a drink yourself because you’re bloody driving.

“Autumn’s brilliant because it’s nearly winter. It means I just use the car to go to work and back. And I can spend my week-ends in pubs, or watching television. I like television.”

One Southsea resident we spoke to told us that he often walked his dog along the seafront and would miss the customary drive past of numerous shiny cars that don’t have roofs.

“You get to hear their music as well. Which is quite generous of them. I usually have a bit of a dance.”


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